I have a Guinness World Record for participating in the longest marathon playing wiffleball at 25 hr 39 min 33 sec. This was achieved by ten players (including myself) led by Julian Cordle (USA), at US Cellular Community Park in Medford, Oregon, USA, from 10 to 11 August 2013.
Team captain Julian Cordle and four players of team Insurance Lounge White (my team) defeated team captain Rich Rosenthal and four players of the Insurance Lounge Blue team by a score of 357-246 in a single game of wiffleball.
They raised over $4,000 to support underprivileged youth through scholarships for sports leagues, swim lessons and youth activity camps in the Medford, Oregon area.
Longest marathon playing wiffleball
25 Hours 39 minutes 33 seconds  👀 
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